It's About Life

A Philosophical Reverie Pointing to the Source of All

by Hyatt Moore

A personal take on many of the wise sayings in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. Featuring 76 succinct essays, accompanied by 56 drawings from the author's sketchbooks. A very positive and realist outlook on life, often motivational, salted with wit.

Each of the articles appeared first in the blog "Blank Slate" on this website. Now they're in print form, for reading, reflecting on, and sharing with others.

Though the drawings are "incidental," most made long before the book was conceived, they are ingeniously tied together with the words. Moreover, while the author is a known painter, the sketchbook drawings have never before been shown.

Its square format and attractive cover make it something of a small coffee table book.

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The book

The book

Opening the book

Opening the book

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