Corporate Collectors

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Collection of...


Biola University
La Mirada, California
China Festival
Two New Writers
Writing Lessons
Calvary Church
Charlotte, North Carolina
Boys Choir
Canada Institute of Linguistics
British Columbia, Canada
All Day in the Sun
At the Cross
Beating Meal
Market Weaver
Rendille Council
Rendille Hut
Rendille Mother and Child
Rendille Stoic
Stone Tool
Tlaxiaco Cityscape
Tlaxiaco House
Water Buckets
Whispering Girls
White Necklace
White Turban
Concordia University
Irvine, California
Masai Two Generations
Cornerstone Institute
Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa
Eyes on the Cross, Cameroon
Brea, California
Ballerinas with Parrot
Combing Her Hair
Father with Bells
Fishing Bay
Happy Clothes
India Flower
Kazakhstan Man
Like Father Like Son
Man from Oman
Masai Boy
Navajo Grandma
Pakistani Smile
Peru Scamp
Princess Girls
Red Huipil
Saudi Market
Shepherd of the Sheep
Three Chinantec Women
Tibetan Woman
Walking Away
Weaver in Red
Embassy of The Philippines
Washington D. C.
Writing Lessons 1
Gethsemane Gardens
Charlotte, North Carolina
Gethsemane Gardens Child
Three Choir Boys
Heritage Christian Fellowship
San Clemente, California

ICU Mobile
Akron, Ohio
Woman at the Well iii
International Museum of Cultures
Dallas, Texas
Negrito Family
Negrito Old Man
Negrito Old Woman
Negrito Seven Boys
Negrito Three Children
Negrito with String
Waxhaw, North Carolina
Canela Akimbo
Feeding the Three Thousand
Joni and Friends
Agoura Hills, California
Vase of Green
Wheel Chaired Praising
Laguna Beach Presbyterian
Laguna Beach, California
High Energy
Latigo Ranch
Latigo Horses
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, California
The Last Supper at 30 ft.
Ministry Partners
Brea, California
The Word Became Flesh
Three in a Window
Mission San Juan Capistrano
Father Art
Moody Bible Institute
Chicago, Illinois
Africa Woman
China Man
Inuit Woman
Peru Reader
PNG Warrior
Muldoon Community Assembly
Anchorage, Alaska
Braids and Baby
Inuit Mother and Child
Spinning Wool
Thai Trio
Tibetan Moment
Parish Headquarters
San Juan Capistrano, California
San Clemente Presbyterian Church
San Clemente, California
Rublev's Icon of the Trinity
Sowing Circle Foundation
Huntington Beach, California
Child of Sudan
Star Motors
Dana Point, California
BMW Blue
Butterfly Doors
Classic Jag
Classic Porsche
Couch Muse
Mercedes Classic
River Runs Through It
Summer Institute of Linguistics
Dallas, Texas
Duka Elder
The Seed Company
Arlington, Texas
A Book Should be Red
Highland Gentlemen
Trinity Broadcasting
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Scamp with Hat
Trinity Western University
British Columbia, Canada
Baseball Hat
Bowler Hats and Books
Conchuco Boys
Green Fields
Irian Jaya Pier
Jordanian Shepherds
Paddy Planters
Pail Girl
Rendille Warriors
Rendille Well
Wycliffe England
Horsley's Green, England
A World Opening Up
Wycliffe USA
Orlando, Florida
Alphapbet Artist, Mother
John Wycliffe
Last Language Translator
Terrace Workers
William Cameron Townsend