The Last Supper

Hyatt's marvelous painting of The Last Supper with Twelve Tribes hangs just outside my office. It speaks to every person who comes by saying, "Everyone is welcome at Jesus' table."

Rick Warren
Pastor, Saddleback Church
Lake Forrest, California
(5 ft. framed version on canvas)

Hyatt's painting is the focal point of our board room. It provides an ever present reminder of the body of Christ, broken for each of us. It keeps us focused on our sacred responsibility to serve the poor in a world full of diversity that God made and loves deeply.

Scott Jackson
Vice President, World Vision International
Federal Way, Washington
(10 ft. print hangs in boardroom)

The vibrancy and power of Hyatt's large painting is a profound and moving expression of God's heart. As Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper expressed Jesus' love for His twelve disciples by breaking bread with them, Hyatt's work expands that love to people of every nation, tribe and tongue.

Dr. Clyde Cook
President Emeritus, Biola University
La Mirada, California
(18 ft. print hangs in library)

The overwhelming experience of those viewing this giant painting in our sanctuary is a deeply moving love and appreciation for Christ… as well as an appreciation for diversity in the Body.

Kent Redfearn
Pastor, Muldoon Community Assembly
Anchorage, Alaska
(20 ft. print hangs centrally in sanctuary)

As people enter our ministry headquarters, they are drawn to pause and reflect over the spiritual truths this wonderful painting so beautifully portrays. It not only visualizes our mission statement, it graphically summarizes the goal of Christ's Great Commission. It is a beautiful artistic rendering of the prophetic words of Scripture about the redeemed multitude in heaven from "...every nation, tribe, people and language"

Dr. J.L. Williams
Founder & CEO, New Directions International
Graham, North Carolina
(24 ft. wide print hangs in headquarters entry)